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 To the left you'll find what rooms we have that may have the features you require

The thing you do need to keep in mind is, for some of these features-
not every feature is included with ALL of a given roomtype.

Thats why we have this section-  if you require one of these elements for your stay, and it's listed as 'universal'
Go ahead and book the room online

THIS IS IMPORTANT- If it's not universal, and there is a specific room number
the best advice is to book with us via telephone at the number above.    

if you book online and ask in the notes, we'll let you know in our email reply,
We can't guarantee such requests, it would be unfair to promise otherwise-
but the number of times a year when we are forced to drop a request when it was available when booked is in the single digits.

Example: HCA units:

-I have two UFH rooms both of which are HCA capable with roll-in showers
We have two FFL rooms, one is designed for HCA accessibility with a large shower
and the FFL unit is my only accesible room that can accomodate 4 adults
the other FFL unit does not have these features

if you REQUIRE a HCA unit, you can book a UFH online
if you require HCA & four adults, you should call us and see if the FFL accessible unit is open
if you PREFER the larger shower, you can book an FFL online and request the shower
- if it's open or not, you'll know when we send the confirmation email.