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Ocean City, NJ   

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How to explain this one.

(Feels like I'm writing a description for a dating website)

Ask us....  the permanent staff are here for you.. 
sure- we all have off days every time the moon is eclipsed or so-

I promise,  any question or inquiry will be met with the best available information, and we go all out compiling our knowledge.
We've developed a gobton of references and resources over the years,  admittedly, every so often something new really does come up,
(One year I got asked about the ability to rent rollerblades,  a new question, a genuine challenge, and I found them,  20 mins north of us in Margate)
the permanent staff here know our town,  some of us have been here over 20 years,  most for a decade..

The summer foreign staff may not be as well-versed, but they smile a lot, nod their heads (not the Bulgarians*)
but,  no one works here who doesn't want you to enjoy your vacation..

*Bulgarians nod for no, shake for yes--  reverse of the usual