7th & Boardwalk  (609) 398-2200
PO Box 415         (609) 391-2050 fax
Ocean City, NJ   

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a nice selection of board games for all ages, updated every year and no skimping.

The book library is always rolling inventory, we don't restrict it's use in any way
take them to the beach, take them to the bathtub, take them home to finish em!

if you have any books at home that you are done with, paperback or hardback, feel free to bring them down with you

The games range from the most common to some really obscure ones (I keep looking for the weirdest)
some have been donated by families who've outgrown games- 
if you have any playable old fav's sitting in a closet feel free to bring them.
we do ask they not be taken from the hotel grounds.

Our DVD lending library, new since for 2012 is near 500 discs,
  a lot of current titles,  I add to it constantly there is no charges for movies- 
    there MAY be a charge for a DVD player

Donations of commerical discs are welcome,  especially family friendly titles your kids may have outgrown