7th & Boardwalk  (609) 398-2200
PO Box 415         
Ocean City, NJ   

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This building is a Condotel- each unit is it's own piece of real estate.
regular everyday people buy these units to use and rent,
some of them change them to suit their tastes, some of them are changed to appeal to our visitors. 

To identify and reward those owners who go the extra mile to make your vacation spot a really neat place to be,
the following pages are dedicated to all our unique and modified rooms.. 
go ahead and spin through them, if you see one you like, give us a call and ask for it by number, we'll see what we can do.

There are many more units in the building than are shown here, 
for example we have 32 (SUI) two room suites.  The ones listed here are just 'more' than a standard or otherwise unusual

There are other rooms with smaller changes, perhaps not enough to justify a full page of it's own.
Some have for example had comfort pieces like DVD players added,
for these details you'd want to hit the 'features by room' link above.

The list of rooms here are the units that are dramatically different.
We hope  you will find a unit that so pleases you you decide you'd like to enjoy it from year to year.